My Goal for Starting a Youtube Channel

My primary goal is to wind up in a cringe compilation. I think a lot of great YouTubers got their start in cringe. Take Sky Williams for instance. I was just watching this cringe compilation long after Katie fell asleep waiting for me to fulfill her and I find cuts from this original video:

Before that moment, I had no idea who this gem of a man was. His thoughts pretty much echo the thoughts and feelings of geeks and nerds everywhere.  I immediately fell in love. You have to give it to the guy because in just under 4 months of posting that video he took care of that problem.

As of the time of writing, the dude is pretty successful with a subscriber base of nearly 900K. The cringe video I found Sky on is here:

There are several other YouTube gems in that video as well. I think the fact that I like and relate to a lot of the people featured in that video is a good sign.