Recovering from Surgery

I have had some big life changes lately, should have a lot more time on my hands.  I started an art project.  I haven’t made a formal artist’s statement yet, but the gist is a computer AI that makes art similar to Google Deep Dream or Deep Style.  I am going for something that can’t be dismissed by anyone as a philosophical zombie or merely an artist’s tool. I have started on the technical implementation, which will be using online, unsupervised learning.  Its design is deliberately aimed at removing any doubt that the machine is participating in art and expressing itself.  My approach reduces the programmer’s role as completely as possible and the machine takes on a independent life and existence of its own, growing just as we do.  A lifelong friend said the following about me and my project, which I thought was nice:

“If basically anyone else I know had posted that, I would wonder about their medication balance [due to unrealistic grandiosity]. You posting it, however, and I wonder how long it will take. “