My wife is HOT!!

….Literally hot- as in radioactive!  For laughs, Katie let me measure her radioactivity immediately following her PET scan.

I was really surprised how easily we could get a reading.  I am currently looking into the feasibility of making my own PET scanner using PIN photodiodes, instead of LYSO crystal scintillators and PMTs.  Of course, it will be a while before I make my own cyclotron (to generate isotope tracer), but I could always test it out after one of her scans.  So many projects, so little time!

Test fitting the roof

Katie was kind enough to let me take over the kitchen island for the day while I assemble the rest of the YARDIS in preparation for test-fitting the roof.  This operation also served to figure out where I will put all the fasteners.  The goal is to make it assemble/disassemble like knock-down furniture.  Otherwise, it would be impossible to move to another room or even another house.  I made sure to put hinges on the door so she could practice going in and out of her new toy.  She’s had an ear to ear grin all week.

Making the Roof

Never one to go the easy route, I opted to give her YARDIS a sloped roof.  Lexi helped me coat the thing in primer.  This is the first thing I’ve ever built where aesthetics mattered, so I used wood putty to fill the gaps and sanded everything down first.

Making a TARDIS!

Katie has gotten into knitting and crocheting, amassing a formidable yarn collection in the process. We needed a lot of storage space, so I opted for a T.A.R.D.I.S. as it is bigger on the inside.  I borrowed heavily from WWMM, with a few modifications so it is actually structurally sound (instead of just a prop.)

Lexi loves learning and making things with me, so I brought her in on the project.  She’s doing a wonderful job!


Stay tuned!