Making a TARDIS!

Katie has gotten into knitting and crocheting, amassing a formidable yarn collection in the process. We needed a lot of storage space, so I opted for a T.A.R.D.I.S. as it is bigger on the inside.  I borrowed heavily from WWMM, with a few modifications so it is actually structurally sound (instead of just a prop.)

Lexi loves learning and making things with me, so I brought her in on the project.  She’s doing a wonderful job!


Stay tuned!


A Parent’s Perspective on Sentient Machines

Being a parent gives a whole new perspective on AI and robots. The guy uses the term “motor babbling”. The machine eventually learns to walk on its own much the same way babies learn to speak and walk. It’s kinda cool being part of the generation witnessing the closing gap between humans and machines. I think this concept is unpalatable to people (and even a few friends) because of the human ego. We used to fancy ourselves being the center of the universe and put up a lot of resistance to the idea that we orbit the sun, which is one of many stars out there. The next big shock will be the realization that machines can be truly sentient and not philosophical zombies.