My Goal for Starting a Youtube Channel

My primary goal is to wind up in a cringe compilation. I think a lot of great YouTubers got their start in cringe. Take Sky Williams for instance. I was just watching this cringe compilation long after Katie fell asleep waiting for me to fulfill her and I find cuts from this original video:

Before that moment, I had no idea who this gem of a man was. His thoughts pretty much echo the thoughts and feelings of geeks and nerds everywhere.  I immediately fell in love. You have to give it to the guy because in just under 4 months of posting that video he took care of that problem.

As of the time of writing, the dude is pretty successful with a subscriber base of nearly 900K. The cringe video I found Sky on is here:

There are several other YouTube gems in that video as well. I think the fact that I like and relate to a lot of the people featured in that video is a good sign.

YouTube Channel Ideas

When mentioning the idea of starting an entertainment YouTube channel to some people, I can feel silent judgement that I will be contributing to the mindless consumption plaguing our society. Entertainment is kind of a funny thing. Take things like rap music or crude/low brow humor- people are quick to judge it as base entertainment and dismiss the cleverness and genius behind making it. I think what makes art and entertainment “base” at times is that it’s so easy to consume. It’s not the artists, entertainers or the content that are base. It’s how quick and easily entertainment is consumed- it’s like people swallowing their food whole without really tasting it. Of course, I think the best way to understand something in-depth is to try to go through the motions over making it yourself at least in your head. I get the feeling that intellectualizing every little thing in life actually makes one a bit boring and sterile. Art, entertainment and other forms are an expression of our humanity and to those who regard it with disdain I say you’re missing out on the bigger picture. At a deeper level, science and art/entertainment are intimately connected. If you want to be a truly “deep” person, you should embrace both.

This makes my blood boil. As a budding Youtube creator, I have experienced this abuse and feel so powerless against it!

YouTube Content ID Abuse

Youtube has a major issue in its Content ID matching system and dispute process. Essentially the merits of fair use are decided solely by the claimant and are accepted by Youtube without question. SME and others have been abusing this fact to prevent anyone from including their content, fair use or not. If I choose further dispute on the basis of fair use, SME will simply claim again that their dispute is valid and I will have a copyright strike on my account. This would mean monitization would be disabled for 6 months and a host of other nasty consequences, so I am left thinking of ways to defeat Youtube’s content ID matching system to circumvent this form of abuse. Without the content ID match, they would have to issue a DMCA complaint and I would have better options for disputing the claim. Of course this wouldn’t help in the case of manually identified content…