DLT-600 Progress

I almost have this DLT-600 purring like a kitten. Granted I had to completely replace the controller, extruder, hot end and end-effector. Fast enough for you guys though?

Physics Creepypasta

A creepypasta for physicists:

Marjorie Bawcum was, by all accounts, a little offbeat. She wasn’t exceptionally pretty, nor was she monstrously hideous. If anything, she was average: an IQ of 100, a height of 5’5, a C average in high school, and no major discernible features,…

This makes my blood boil. As a budding Youtube creator, I have experienced this abuse and feel so powerless against it!

My Machine Controller Philosophy

My philosophy in writing and setting up a machine controller. Keep everything physically based as possible, so that each part of the system is straightforward to design and validate at each individual system. The input to a stepper motor driver should be number of shaft rotations, for instance (and not the number of steps, which varies according to configuration, like full step/half step/microstepping, 50 pole steppers, 12 pole steppers) This way you can compare the internal variables for number of shaft rotations to the physical number of shaft rotations in the real world. The associated virtual encoder for the stepper motor should also read back in number of shaft rotations. Then, have your inverse kinematics translate from Cartesian world coordinates to number of shaft rotations for the individual steppers. Changing a stepper then, wouldn’t require a change in the kinematics and vise-versa. Many opensource machine controllers take a lot of shortcuts (usually a single unit conversion), which makes it harder to maintain the software, use a different machine configuration and even troubleshoot it.


Pretty cool and smart Canadian couple. They decided to live out of their van while traveling and working remotely for over 6 months. It’s also really cool to see a couple that spends so much time together. I love people that do/try different things like this!

Cancer Therapy Treatment Idea

I had this idea for a cancer therapy and ran it by a friend at a party (who just completed med school even.) He instantly shot the idea down. It’s amazing how quickly people can come up with good, convincing arguments to slash your idea into pieces. It’s really cool that someone else had the idea and made it work, but a bit shocking about just how easily a big idea like that can get dismissed by people. For some reason, coming up with ideas and different ways of doing things or even talking about them annoys most people I meet. It makes me think of how many potentially good ideas I’ve let others dismiss and discourage in me over the years. It makes me think the best friends of mine are the ones that have always cheered me on with my crazy ideas (so thanks everyone!) It makes me think one of my ideas will eventually pay off. It makes me think that, if I keep plugging away, I will have my Doc Brown moment.